Configuring the AppWise Search Widget

To provide AppWise's unified search capabilities within your existing intranet or web application, you can either integrate using the AppWise Search API or use the drop-in AppWise Search Widget.  

Xendo Search Widget

Setting up the AppWise Search Widget is as simple as pasting the following snippet into your page:

<div id="appwise-widget-container"></div>
<script src="" data-searchdiv="appwise-widget-container" async></script>

The element with the ID "appwise-widget-container" specifies the location of the search bar which will be embedded in your page.

The widget provides auto-suggest, auto-complete and the option to show search results embedded in your page or in a modal (showing above the content in your page) out-of-the-box. These capabilities can be toggled using the following parameters:

autosuggest="on" [default, or "off"]

autocomplete="on" [default, or "off"]

modal="on" [default, or "off"]

open-result-new-tab="off" [default, or "on"]

For example:

<script src="" data-searchdiv="appwise-widget-container" autosuggest="off" autocomplete="on" async></script>

To pre-populate a search term (and run the associated search) append the '#xq' parameter, for example the following URL would run a search query for the term 'winston':

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