Troubleshooting JIRA connection problems

JIRA provides the flexibility of cloud or on-premises hosting, and there are a variety of administration options.  Xendo has chosen the most versatile method of connecting to JIRA, which should work in most cases, but may require some additional steps depending on how your JIRA instance is configured.

To connect your JIRA account to Xendo, you'll need the address of your JIRA host (for example, your JIRA username and JIRA password which may be different from your corporate email address or account name.

To find your username and password (or change password) in your JIRA profile: 

  • In the JIRA dashboard, click on the top right corner your Avatar.
  • Then select "Profile" from the dropdown.
  • Then you should see in Summary section "username:" and "password:"

Or you can also use "Forgot password" to reset or create a password.

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