Using Okta with AppWise

This tutorial explains how to use Okta as an identity management provider for your organization.  Okta provides a standards-based service to enable centralized user access control using Single Sign-On (SSO) technologies such as SAML.  

This guide is for your organization's AppWise Administrator.  If you haven't assigned an Administrator yet, contact to get setup before proceeding with these instructions.

  1. As an Okta IT Admin, login to your Okta account and find 'Xendo' in your Applications list.

    Okta Applications List

  2. Configure your IdP URL, enter your Identity Provider Issuer information and enter your X.509 certificate to enable SAML 2.0 for Xendo.

    Okta SAML configuration

  3. Enter the Certificate, SAML Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL, SAML Identity Provider Issuer into your Xendo Admin Security panel and click 'Save'. Xendo Admin Security tab

  4. Once SAML 2.0 for Xendo is enabled, the Xendo application can be assigned to users in your organization in Okta. 


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