How does AppWise work with OneLogin?

AppWise has partnered with OneLogin to provide seamless authentication and account management through OneLogin's Single Sign-On (SSO) infrastructure.   

This integration provides a number of benefits:

  • Simplified sign-on for employees - Xendo will appear as an application in user's OneLogin dashboard which they can launch without having to re-enter credentials, identity and access management is controlled by OneLogin.
  • JIT (Just-In-Time) provisioning - new users coming through your company's OneLogin portal can be automatically provisioned in Xendo, so they don't have to register an account separately.
  • Bulk user provisioning - The OneLogin administrator can provision and connect end-user accounts so their Xendo accounts are ready with a fully populated search index, the first time they login.
  • Streamlined account connections - End-users can securely connect applications managed through OneLogin's portal without having to provide their credentials.  (Note: depending on implementation of the application being connected, explicit permission to access a user's content may be needed for Xendo to build their search index).

Find out more about our partnership by reading OneLogin's announcement.

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