Pre-configuring SharePoint Online endpoints

Note: this capability is available to Company Administrators with an Enterprise account.

Company Administrators may pre-configure SharePoint Online URL endpoints to streamline service connections for their end-users and minimize mis-configuration.

  1. From the Admin console, select the Services tab.

  2. Find the SharePoint listing and click 'Configure'.

  3. In the SharePoint configuration popup, you will be able to configure, one or more SharePoint URLs which will be available to your end-users in a drop-down list, so they don't have to remember or type the location of your SharePoint instance.

  4. Click 'Save' to store your configuration.

  5. After configuration, when your end-user connects SharePoint Online through their dashboard they'll be able to select one of your pre-configured end-points.  Note: End-users can override or add a different SharePoint Online address by adjusting the URL in the text field.

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